We offer a range of information services free of charge to agencies and clients. We can provide you with advertising rates for all our represented magazines, but in addition to this we also offer runs, rankings and media schedule evaluations from all the leading German media surveys. We also have access to consumer analyses, advertising expenditure data and market research studies.

Our media schedules and analyses will enable you to discover the optimal way to spend your budget on a target group of the German population. We can help you find which magazines to target and give you a detailed breakdown of the effectiveness of your campaign.

In addition we have access to an extensive range of market research reports and consumer analyses. These high quality surveys, carried out by respected polling companies such as AWA, MA and LAE, will help you to plan your sales technique to achieve maximum impact. For example, surveys currently available range from IT use at home and in business, to a detailed examination of the German business traveller and an exploration of German attitudes to clothing, accessories and fragrances.